Vacancy Announcement: USAID Project Management Specialist (Resilience), FSN-11

SOLICITATION NO.   :     USAID-2018-12

PIID# 72049218R10012

ISSUANCE DATE   :       10 September 2018

CLOSING DATE/TIME  : 09 October 2018 / 11:59PM

SUBJECT:   Solicitation for a Cooperating Country National Personal Service Contractor (CCN PSC) under Local Compensation Plan



  1. ISSUANCE DATE : 10 September 2018
  1. POSITION TITLE :  USAID Project Management Specialist (Resilience), FSN-11                            
  1. MARKET VALUE : USD 25,304.00 – USD 40,484.00 gross p.a. equivalent to FSN-11,

in accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan (LCP) of the U.S. Embassy Kolonia. The salary offer will be based on a combination of the candidate’s salary history and of the U.S. Embassy Kolonia’s LCP, and will be within the annual range listed above.                                     

  1. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE : The position is based in Kolonia, Federated States of Micronesia.

The USAID Project Management Specialist (Resilience) serves as the primary staff for the USAID Pacific Islands sub-office in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) which covers the following countries: FSM, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and Palau. The Specialist performs a variety of research, analyses, reporting, coordination, monitoring, outreach and administrative functions in support of USAID’s Pacific Islands Main Office located in Manila, Philippines. The Specialist supports and closely advises the General Development Officer (GDO) and USAID/Philippines technical and support offices to help achieve the following objectives in the Pacific: to support the U.S. Government’s (USG) broader foreign policy objectives in the region; to address regional and country priorities; to complement other donor efforts; and to report on the latest news, developments, and perspective from the field and advise on how the portfolio can be adjusted accordingly.

The USAID Project Management Specialist (Resilience) is expected to fulfill the following major duties and responsibilities, as elaborated below:

Program/Project/Activity Implementation (30%) – Serves as Contracting/Assistance Officer Representative (C/AOR)/Activity Manager for key programs/projects/activities through contract, cooperative agreement, or grant. Provides administration and oversight for disaster readiness activities, with focus on adaptation strategies as they relate to water supply and sanitation, natural resources management, regional climate change and water networking, and environmental governance activities, including monitoring programs/projects/activities through site visits and the review of work plans and progress reports; tracking expenditures and accruals against obligations; making recommendation to implementing partners (IPs) to increase program/project/activity impact and enhance sustainability; and the reporting of results. Drafts official communications for reporting the status of programs/projects/activities, such as the Congressional Budget Justification, Annual Reports, Action Memos, and Acquisition documents. Ensures program implementation achieves planned results, documents developmental impacts, and resolves implementation issues in an efficient and professional manner; provides strategic direction to contractors and grantees, in order to ensure activities support the USAID Mission Development Objectives (DOs) consistent with the climate change and environmental strategy; guides and monitors activities of contractors and grantees to ensure compliance with established USAID guidelines, policies, and procedures; and, coordinates the work with appropriate personnel at the USAID/Philippines, USAID/Washington, other USAID Missions, U.S. Embassies, and other USG agencies.

Strategic, Representational and Outreach Support (30%) – Works with various sections within the U.S. Embassies in the northern Pacific and USAID/Philippines, encouraging and reinforcing development issues of the U.S. national security strategy and recognizing the important contributions of development and diplomacy in the Pacific Islands. Develops contacts and networks of development specialists in the Pacific Islands, especially in FSM, RMI and Palau, cultivates relationships and identifies opportunities and points of interface with private sector, non-government organizations (NGOs), faith-based organizations, and public sector organizations. Assesses and advises on development assistance issues and trends, conducts analyses, and presents summaries of development challenges and opportunities in support of USAID development programs and activities. Establishes dialogues with key governmental, non-governmental, private sector, faith-based organizations and other key stakeholders, provides analysis and advice on USAID programs and development strategies and activities. Advises on whom to meet to obtain appropriate information, secure approvals and clearances for the effective and efficient management and implementation of the USAID portfolio. Represents USAID, under the direction of the GDO, at meetings and among U.S. Embassy planning groups, international donor groups and technical coordination working groups, and bilateral program heads. Prepares power point presentations, press releases, briefing materials and other outreach products to assist in meeting with USG stakeholders and other development partners in the region. Develops a tracking mechanism to ensure all programmatic tasks are monitored, accomplished, and reported.

Program Planning and Design (10%) – Assesses and identifies vulnerabilities in priority sectors important to the economic growth of the all of the above countries, and determines policy, institutional, financial, socio-cultural, and other constraints to implementing programs/projects/activities designed to reduce the vulnerabilities of the priority sectors from the negative impacts of climate change. Develops strategies to improve the capacity to implement resilience measures, including for adaptation to climate change; to effectively apply science and technology to collecting, analyzing, and disseminating climate data, in order to inform planning and decision-making for investments in improved resilience to disasters, alternative livelihoods, and natural resource management; to identify challenges in water resources management, including the impact of Global Climate Change (GCC) on resources in the above host countries, and advises the USAID Mission on actions to address these challenges – including taking the lead in preparing country assessments and strategy development to address water resources management issues, including drinking water supply and quality, irrigation and watershed management. Designs activities in support of public awareness campaigns to promote a greater understanding of resilience issues, and to encourage individual as well as collective actions towards disaster readiness; formulates strategies for collaboration with donors, governmental counterparts, NGOs, and the private sector, in order to identify possible areas for cooperation towards resilience; and, prepares studies, concept papers, scopes of work, program/project/activity design documents, and bilateral agreements related to the design of adaptation activities and other climate change related programs, requiring ongoing and regular contacts with national governments, NGOs, the private sector, and international donor agencies to ensure conflict and/or duplication between planned USG and other assistance is eliminated or minimized.

Disaster Assistance (10%) – Serves as a resource and liaison person for USAID Mission disaster assistance in all of the above countries. Liaises with international organizations and other donors during disaster situations to ensure efficient coordination for external assistance. Maintains regular communication/contact with the Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) officials during disaster situations, and files disaster situation reports as appropriate. Liaises with American voluntary agencies which are capable of responding to disaster situations and which have programs operating in all of the above countries. Provides periodic updates and reports on disaster situations.

Management and Coordination Support (10%) – Performs full oversight responsibility to provide administrative, office management, program and procurement-related support for the USAID Pacific Islands sub-office in Embassy Kolonia. Ensures all administrative and financial operations are carried out appropriately and in coordination with the USAID/Philippines support offices. Determines appropriate levels and maintains inventory of equipment, furniture, and all office supplies. Supports various USAID team visits to the northern Pacific, arranging and managing the development of substantive agendas and contacts with public, private and non-governmental sectors. Provides logistical support for official USAID visitors, such as issuing country clearances and arranging accommodations and making appointments for USAID officials. Supports and coordinates Pacific programs with USAID/Philippines, provides input for technical materials, briefings, speeches, and special analytical papers to support presentations, public outreach newsletters, and other communication products and responds to “quick turnaround” requests from Washington, Port Moresby and Manila for information about program developments. Maintains files and reports of development assistance assessments, strategic assistance alliance meetings, temporary duty reports and follow-up and collaborative assistance projects.

Financial Management and Procurement (10%) – Manages the petty cash revolving fund in the amount of $1,500 and makes prompt payments for bills such as transportation, representational expenses, telephone bills, etc. Obtains funds from the financial accounting office in USAID/Philippines to replenish the petty cash revolving funds. Monitors and maintains records of expenses; plans and formulates budget for USAID activities in Embassy Kolonia; assists with relevant procurements for USAID activities; purchases and maintains all office equipment such as laptop computers, fax machines, printers, etc. Determines the type of office equipment needed; identifies available vendors and processes purchase order.

SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIP: The Specialist works under the general supervision of the General Development Officer, assignments are made orally and in writing. Supervision of other staff is not contemplated.

  1. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Open to all interested individuals who are FSM citizens or non-FSM citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the Federated States of Micronesia, and who also have the required work permits. USAID Pacific Islands does not sponsor work permits.
  2. POINT OF CONTACT: Human Resources Division via

    Education – Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on subjects such as environmental engineering, environmental management, water and sanitation management, economics, and international development and governance or a similar related degree is required. Note: Additional education may NOT be substituted for Experience.Prior Work Experience – Minimum of five years of progressively responsible, professional-level experience in the development field is required. Three years of this should have been in development assistance or related work with the USG, FSM government organizations, other donor agencies, or the private sector. Experience should include project design, program planning and implementation, performance monitoring, and/or the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of complex program/project/activity information. Note: Additional experience may NOT be substituted for Education.

    Language Proficiency / Communication Skills
    Must have excellent communication skills in English, both in oral and written forms, in order to communicate effectively with USAID Mission staff and external contacts at various levels. Writing skills are required to prepare regular and ad hoc reports, project documentation, and briefing papers.

    Job Knowledge – The Specialist must have a demonstrated knowledge of priority sectors that are important to economic growth and demonstrated expertise in designing activities that effectively applies science and technology for informed planning and decision-making. Knowledge and understanding of the economic, political, social, and cultural characteristics of all of the above countries; and, their economic development problems, resources and resource constraints, and development prospects and priorities, is required. Knowledge of all of the above countries’ disaster response policies and capabilities. The Specialist must have a good knowledge, or the potential to quickly acquire such knowledge, of USG legislation, policy, and practice relating to development assistance; USAID programming policies, regulations, procedures, and documentation; and, of the objectives, methodology, and status of assigned activities. Knowledge and understanding of the organization and respective roles of local governmental institutions and the host country governments.

    Skills and Abilities – The demonstrated ability to plan, organize, manage, and evaluate programs/projects/activities is required. The Specialist must have good verbal communication skills, tact, and diplomacy. Analytical ability is required in order to interpret public policies, and to assist in the development of revised policies, as required; and, to develop and monitor the performance of budgets, and the development of periodic work plans. The ability to work independently with minimal supervision. The ability to work effectively in a team environment, and to achieve consensus on policy, program/project/activity, and administrative matters is required. Good computer skills are required, in order to manage activity goals and achievements, both technical and financial.

Education (10%)

Prior Work Experience (30%)

Language Proficiency / Communication Skills (10%)

Job Knowledge (30%)

Skills and Abilities (20%)


Additional Notes:

– USAID reserves the right to reject any and all applicants;

– Only short-listed applicants will be notified;

– This position will be filled subject to funds availability.


  1. Interested applicants are required to submit an application letter and a comprehensive resume
  2. Applications must be received by 09 October 2018 / 11:59PM, and submitted via email to
  3. All applicants are requested to prominently indicate the following:
  4. solicitation number (Solicitation No.: USAID-2018-12) in the subject line of their email submission;
  5. source of the vacancy announcement (e.g. name of newspaper, website, social media)BENEFITS/ALLOWANCES
    The compensation package includes life insurance and supplementary retirement plan.