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U.S. Government Honors Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day
June 1, 2020

In observance of Memorial Day May 25, U.S. Ambassador Carmen G. Cantor and Honorable Secretary Kandhi Elieisar, FSM Department of Foreign Affairs participated in an ocean wreath laying ceremony. The brief ceremony took place in front of the Sokeh’s Rock landmark in Pohnpei, FSM. The wreaths were made locally from biodegradable fresh flowers and pandanus fibers.

Photo: Ambassador Cantor and Secretary Kandhi Elieisar lay wreaths in observance of Memorial Day.
Photo By: Christopher Knight

Also attending the ceremony: Special Advisor Mr. Lorin Robert; FSM Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr; Commander Stewart Peter, FSM Maritime Wing; Mr. Richard Clark, FSM Public Information Officer; Ms. Cindy Lutrick, Pohnpei Veterans Association Representative; Staff from U.S. Embassy Kolonia Defense Attaché Office Lt. Col Erin Richter, Mr. Christopher Knight, and SMSgt Jody Robey; Somer Bessire Briers, acting Deputy Chief of Mission and Management Officer, U.S. Embassy Kolonia; ENS Gayle Gauck, Seabee Liaision; Lt. Brian Wood, Officer in Charge, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Five, and Ms. Lynn Pangelinan, Economic/Political Specialist, U.S. Embassy Kolonia.

In conjunction to the Pohnpei commemoration, Seabees from the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion FIVE (NMCB5) also held a wreath laying ceremony at the Waterfront Park in Yap, FSM. Lt. Bradford Garrigues, Officer in Charge; Electrician Chief Petty Officer Kevin Appleby and Utilitiesman 2nd Class Patrick Krupa are deployed in the FSM to execute construction and humanitarian efforts to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific. The Seabees stationed in Yap have built hand-washing stations throughout the island in preparation for COVID-19.

Photo: Seabees from NMCB5 salute to commemorate Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony in Yap, FSM. Photo by: Joyce McClure

Memorial Day is commemorated in the United States on the last Monday of the month of May to honor all service members who have died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The Compact of Free Association enables Micronesians to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, which they have done honorably since World War II.