U.S. Embassy Hosts Dinner Reception in Honor of FSM Women’s Conference Participants

Deputy Secretary Samson Pretrick, FSM Department of Foreign Affairs, and Ms. Norleen Oliver, FSM Chief of Social Affairs division and National Gender Officer, with Ambassador Riley at CMR event.

On August 27-31, 2018 Pohnpei State hosted the 8th FSM National Women’s Conference with a theme of “Working Together for Progress”. Over 300 women and men from all FSM states attended the event. The Conference’s goal included increased support for social development that is inclusive of women across FSM. The dialogues ranged from Women’s Political Participation, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Gender Based Violence & Health related topics.

Participants for the 8th FSM Women’s Conference at the Chief of Mission Residence.
L-R FSM 2nd Lady Mrs. Antelise George,The Honorable FSM Vice President Yosiwo P. George, U.S. Ambassador Robert Riley, Ms. Avery Coble and U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Heather Coble.

“No country can get ahead if it leaves half of its people behind. This is why the United States believes that gender equality is critical to our shared goals of prosperity, stability, and peace” said Ambassador Riley during his welcoming remarks on Wednesday at a dinner reception in honor of participants of the FSM Women’s Conference. The dinner served over 220 Conference attendees, and several FSM and state government dignitaries which included the Honorable FSM Vice President Yosiwo P. George, the Honorable Deputy Secretary FSM Department of Foreign Affairs Samson Pretrick, the Honorable FSM Postmaster General Ginger Mida, the Honorable Pohnpei State Lt. Governor Reed B. Oliver, the Honorable Pohnpei State Senator Dahker Daniel, the Honorable Pohnpei State Attorney General Dana Smith, the Honorable Chuuk State Senator Wisney Nakayama and the Honorable Chuuk State Senator Gardenia Aisek. The Honorable Secretary Magdalena Walter, FSM Health & Social Affairs spoke on behalf of the government and expressed the FSM’s commitment in continuing the dialogue to advance some of the issues that affect women in the FSM. 

Ambassador Riley poses with the Yap State Delegation members and The Honorable Director, Yap State Health Services Martina Reichhardt.

Ms. Myjolynne Kim, PHD candidate at Australian National University who presented “I am a mother and that makes me a leader: Indigenous-articulations on Chuukese women”, and Ms. Dion Bernard Assistant Secretary, FSM Department of Justice (Human Anti-trafficking Program) who presented “Human Anti-trafficking” contributed interesting and helpful information. At the end of the presentations, the Embassy also featured a film presentation by Micronesian Productions entitled “FSM Women Pioneers.” This list of women included many successful FSM women who are forerunners in their professions.