Deputy Chief of Mission Kristin Westphal

Kristin Westphal began her assignment with U.S. Embassy Kolonia in July 2020. She served most recently with the Board of Examiners in Washington, D.C., part of the team which evaluates Foreign Service applicants.

Prior to the Board of Examiners, Ms. Westphal served as Deputy Political/Economic Counselor in Oslo, Norway, where she focused on energy and telecommunications. Overseas she served as Economic Officer in Pristina, Kosovo, working mainly on telecommunications and Intellectual Property Rights; as Chief of American Citizen Services and Economic/Commercial Officer in Damascus, Syria; and as General Services Officer in Muscat, Oman. Other Washington assignments include: the Office of Aviation Negotiations, where she managed the busy European and Middle Eastern portfolios, negotiating and administrating civil aviation agreements and responding to emergencies such as the downing of MH17 over Ukraine; and working with first- and second-tour officers as a Career Development Officer.

Ms. Westphal hails from Vermont and retains a deep love of snow, ice hockey, and all things maple. She is an Economic Officer with an MBA from The George Washington University and a B.A. in History from the University of Vermont. She joined the Foreign Service as a second career after working as a policy analyst.