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Emergency Contacts

U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call 691-320-2187 ext.2134 or 691-920-2369
Outside of Office Hours, contact: 691-920-2369
Outside of the Federated States of Micronesia: 691-320-2187 ext. 2134

If your family needs to reach you in an emergency or because they are worried about your welfare they should call the State Department’s Citizen’s Emergency Center at 202-647-5225. The State Department will relay the message to the Embassy in Kolonia. Our Consular Officers will then try to locate you, pass on urgent messages, and, consistent with the Privacy Act, report back to your family.

Embassy Kolonia

1286 U.S. Embassy Pl.
Kolonia, Pohnpei, FM 96941
Phone: 691-320-2187
Fax: 691-320-2186

Mission Leadership 

  • Chargé d’affaires: Alissa M. Bibb
  • Deputy Chief of Mission: Vacant

Mission Officers

  • Consular/Economic Officer: VACANT
  • Political Officer: Roger Chuang
  • Management Officer: Jeffrey Seely
  • Public Affairs Officer: Andrew Posner

Department of Interior

  • Compact Grant Manager: Cheryl Burkindine

Department of Defense

  • Kyle Papish, Acting Defense Attaché, U.S. Embassy Kolonia
  • Petty Officer First Class Patrick Howard, Assistant Operations Coordinator, U.S. Embassy Kolonia
  • Captain Theodore Donahue, Oceania Engagement Team, U.S. Army
  • Staff Sergeant Tarsis Harper, Oceania Engagement Team, U.S. Army
  • Staff Sergeant Gary Likiak, Oceania Engagement Team, U.S. Army

United States Agency for International Development

  • Rodger Garner, Country Coordinator
  • Karen Wonders, Senior Engineer
  • Herman Jr. Semes, Project Management Specialist

USDA Rural Development

The Mission of USDA’S Rural Development Program is to increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for all rural residents. Rural Development has a wide variety of programs to assist in the realization of this mission in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Single Family Housing Program

In the Federated States of Micronesia, Rural Development’s most widely utilized programs are its Single Family Housing Programs. Rural Development’s housing programs provide eligible applicants with financing for renovations to existing homes to remove health and safety hazards and make them accessible to occupants with physical disabilities. Elderly individuals may receive grant assistance for these same purposes. Public Bodies and nonprofit organizations may also apply for the Housing Preservation Grant to operate a program which finances repair and rehabilitation activities for homes owned or occupied by very-low- and low-income rural families.

Community Programs

Rural Development’s Community Programs provide public entities and non-profit organizations with grants and long term, low interest loans that can be used for the construction of essential public facilities, repairs, and the purchase of equipment for fire and rescue, telecommunications, schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. Special priority is given to projects to improve health care and public safety.

Business Programs

Business Programs work in partnership with the private sector and community-based organizations to provide financial assistance and business planning. Business Programs help fund projects that create or preserve quality jobs and/or promote a clean rural environment. Rural Development has awarded funds under the Intermediary Relending Program to the Pacific Islands Development Bank and the FSM Development Bank, each of which can re-lend funds to ultimate recipients for business facilities or community development. The Business & Industry Guaranteed loan program is also available to eligible applicants.

Business Programs also offer public entities and non-profit organizations the opportunity to seek grant funding for economic planning, technical assistance to businesses, training for entrepreneurs, and cooperative development assistance. Business Programs also offer loan and grant assistance directly to agricultural producers, small businesses, and cooperatives who seek funding for marketing value-added products or who want to purchase renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements.

In addition to these widely used programs, Rural Development has specialized programs to offer assistance with electric services, water and waste disposal services, solid waste management, and telecommunication services.

To find out more about Rural Development’s programs visit their web-site at http://www.rd.usda.gov/hi or contact the Area III (FSM) Office.

Area III (FSM) Contacts

Berley Araceley
Acting Area Director

JEM’s Building
P.O. Box 396
Pohnpei, FM 96941
Phone: 691-320-2581
Phone: 691-320-2583
Phone: 691-320-5583
Fax: 691-320-2662

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that provides technical assistance to local farmers, and federal, state, and local governments, as well as non-governmental organizations in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).  The agency’s mission in the FSM is to promote the conservation of soil and water resources, to facilitate the technical transfer of natural resource related skills, and to strengthen the capacity of local organizations to work hand-in-hand with their citizens in locally led efforts to maintain productive and resilient lands that sustain their agriculture and agroforestry systems.

The agency works to support the development of a natural resources plan, to provide training, and to implement various agriculture, agroforestry and piggery demonstration projects that address critical natural resource concerns.  Priority concerns include the management of animal waste, control of invasive species, composting for soil health, farms and village gardens, agroforestry, and environmental protection to address climate resiliency and food security.  NRCS staff help individual farmers with conservation plans to protect and improve the soil resources on their farms, and promote best practices for resource utilization.

The NRCS office in the Federated States of Micronesia is located on Pohnpei, and is supported by the staff of the NRCS Pacific Islands Area offices on Guam (Area Office) and Honolulu (State Office).  The Pohnpei Soil and Water Conservation District works closely with the NRCS.

The United States Congress mandates NRCS’s presence in the Federated States of Micronesia through the Compact of Free Association.

For more information, please visit Pacific Islands Area

P.O. Box 206
Kolonia, Pohnpei, FM 96941
Phone: 691-320-5893
Fax: 691-320-2086