Call for Applications: U.S. Naval Academy

ELIGIBILITY.  Under the authority of the President of the United States, the Secretary of the Navy may authorize up to 60 men and women from other nations to attend the United States Naval Academy (USNA) at any one time. Approximately, 10-18 international students are admitted each year, based on allowable vacancies.

NOMINATIONS.  Each invited country may nominate up to six candidates. These nominations must be submitted through the Defense Attaché Office (DAO) in the respective U.S. Embassy. Nominations are due to USNA Office of Admissions by January 31, 2021. All nominations should be submitted on the enclosed nomination form. Please make additional copies of the form as necessary and complete the enclosed Embassy Contact Information Sheet in order to expedite communication and correspondence.

As part of the nominating process, sponsoring governments are required to provide USNA with written acknowledgment of their sponsor responsibilities and their understanding of the reimbursement requirement. This is not a commitment for the respective country to expend funds. That decision will be made in May 2021.

As indicated in the Department of Defense invitation message, international students are not commissioned in the U.S. Armed Forces upon graduation. However, U.S. law requires that we give priority to nominees who have a national service obligation to their countries upon graduation. Sponsoring countries should provide a statement regarding any military/government service requirement for the student when submitting nomination(s).

ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS.  International candidates must be unmarried, at least 17 years of age, and must not have passed their 23rd birthday on July 1st of the year of admission. International candidates must be citizens of their country and have an official nomination.

All candidates must take either the ACT or SAT college entrance examinations. The examination is a critical part of the application. However, the essay portion of the exam will not be considered. For information regarding test dates, testing centers, and registration, visit the for the ACT and for the SAT. The code for reporting ACT scores to the Naval Academy is 1742; the code for reporting SAT scores is 5809.

All examinations must be taken no later than the February test date to ensure that results are reported to USNA in time for Admissions Board consideration in April.

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY.  All nominees must be certified as proficient in spoken English by the Defense Attaché Office.

Once the nomination is received from the country, instructions on how to access the candidate’s application on the USNA Admissions website will be provided to the Defense Attaché Office at the U.S. Embassy. The USNA application is to be completed online, with the exception of the official transcript, which needs to be mailed. The DAO should interview the candidates and provide recommendations, a ranking of nominees, if applicable, and comment on English proficiency. The candidate should complete all forms as soon as possible, but not later than March 15, 2021. Completed applications of nominees will be evaluated by the Admissions Board in early April.

The Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy approves the final selection of candidates. Final selections are made full offers of appointment via the respective Defense Attaché Officer. The DAO will be notified via email in the late April to early May timeframe. After consulting the nominating government and the selected individual, the Defense Attaché Office will email the candidate’s decision to accept or decline the USNA offer of appointment.

When the appointment is accepted, the candidate must be certified as free from communicable disease by a qualified physician and will be advised if there are any additional medical requirements. Upon arrival at the Naval Academy, the candidate will undergo a thorough medical examination to ensure all USNA medical qualifications, including the height and weight requirements, are met.

ORIENTATION.  Prior to Induction Day, international students participate in a mandatory cultural and English language familiarization program. The program includes instruction in English and orientation to life and study at the Naval Academy. There is no cost to international students other than money for personal use. Rooms and meals are provided by USNA.  Dates for the orientation program will be provided when the appointment is offered, but the program usually starts 7-10 days prior to Induction Day, which is scheduled for July 1, 2021.

TRAVEL.  Travel expenses to USNA are paid by the Academy. Students will receive travel instructions once appointment is accepted.

Key Dates:
January 31, 2021: Nominations due to USNA Office of Admissions
February 2021: ACT/SAT Exams Completed
March 15, 2021: Completed application due to USNA
July 1, 2021: Induction Day at USNA

Please direct inquiries to:
SMSgt Jody Robey, Operations Coordinator
Defense Attaché Office U.S. Embassy Kolonia
Tel: +691-320-2187 x2138



  • Submit nomination paperwork to FSM Government
  • Register for the College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program Test (ACT)
  • Log into Candidate Information System for online application for the United States Naval Academy
  • Complete application documents online
  • Mail (in addition, can scan and email) Official High School and College Transcripts
  • Scan and email birth certificate
  • Statement of Sponsorship for Nominating Country (no form; email or letter is acceptable)
  • Statement regarding any Government Service Obligation for Student (no form; email or letter is acceptable)
  • Ensure application is complete not later than March 15, 2021