Bid for Installation of Residential Generator

Installation and Commissioning of One 35 KW Residential Generator
Location: Ricky Olter House 2, Beside Flamingo Bar
U.S. Embassy Kolonia, Micronesia


This is a firm fixed price contract for the installation of one (1) Residential generator. As listed in section 3.0 of this work statement the US Embassy will supply one (1) unit 35 Kw Prime Power Generator, 120/240, Single-Phase, Diesel, 60 HZ, for contractor installation. Additionally, the Embassy will provide the associated Automatic Transfer Switch, 100A, IPA54 Protection, 120/240V for contractor installation. Qualified bidders will be contacted to do a walk-through on the property. Please contact Rommel Lemana 320-2187 Ext 2132 or 924-2615, Email: no later than November 14 to express interest and schedule a walk-through.  Final proposals will be due no later than November 21 at noon.


a) Company Name

b) Total price, inclusive of all material, labor, transport, and fees

c) Company Project Manager/Foremen for this work statement, include email and telephone number.


The intent of this scope of work is to install one (1) US Embassy supplied residential generator by licensed electrical technicians and commissioned by a certified generator service technician to meet local electrical codes and manufacturer warranty requirements. The installation contractor must ensure the manufacturer standard one (1) year warranty which commences at ‘start up’ is NOT invalidated through non-regulatory and non- manufacture installation. The US Embassy has already placed the generator and ATS at the residence for contractor installation and start-up.

  1. The contractor shall build a shed with one side concrete wall to mount the ATS system.
  2. The contractor will build a concrete slab to mount the generator, the dimension will be determined during the walk- through.
  3. The contractor shall install the generator and ATS system in designated location.
  4. The contractor shall provide materials (cables, connectors, pipes, fittings) and labor for connection between generator and PUC meter.
  5. The contractor shall install grounding system and ensure it is less than 25 ohms as per State Department requirement.
  6. The contractor will trench and lay the electrical conduit that will run to the residence main distribution panel.
  7. The contractor will replace the existing main service cable and 100 amps main breaker to 150 amps breaker capacity.
  8. Upon the completion of cabling/wiring connection the contractor shall conduct a “start-up run” test with load to complete the commissioning. The commissioning document (Volts, Amps, frequency, Resistance) must be recorded to the generator logbook.


Safety is the highest priority on this and all Embassy Contracts. The contractor must furnish tools and equipment and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on the site. The Embassy reserves the right to stop or remove from the site contractor personnel who fail to comply with relevant to safety requirements. The contractor shall ensure and maintain the site is clean and rubbish removed upon completion on installation and commissioning.