Ambassador Robert Riley Participated In the Turnover Ceremony at Nanpei Memorial High

Newly built Nanpei Memorial High School Classroom/Library
Ambassador Riley taking a tour of the new Nanpei Memorial High School classroom/library with the FSM Vice President Honorable Yosiwo P. George

On May 26, 2017 Ambassador Robert Riley participated in the turnover ceremony of the new Nanpei Memorial High School library/classroom building in Kitti Municipality. The building is funded by the Compact Infrastructure Program and it is contracted by the ABCOR Engineering and Construction Company and designed by Leo A Daly. This newly built building is to service the increasing number of students in the Kitti Municipality.

The building is equipped with a library on the first floor along with a computer lab, reading area and restrooms. The second floor is equipped with four classrooms, a custodian room and two restrooms. The seating capacity for each classroom building is 30 students each, which is also equipped with student desks, dry eraser boards and cabinet space in each room. The computer room holds a capacity of 12 students and is already equipped with air conditioning. The newly built building is also one of the only public school facilities in Pohnpei that has a ramp to help students with disabilities.

Ambassador Riley expressed his gratitude in being able to participate in the turnover of the beautiful building “with so many facilities and seating areas, it is truly a great addition to the campus of this school that can facilitate learning. Education is fundamental to the advancement of the individual, the community and the nation. It is important to promote lifetime learning and learning shouldn’t stop when school is over, but should continue along all of life’s transitions. But education does not come from school facilities alone; it is a habit of mind that comes from teachers who help students to inculcate curiosity, logical thinking, and exploration of new ideas; and from parents who are fully engaged with their children’s education.”

Ambassador Robert Riley delivering his remarks at the Nanpei Memorial High School Classroom/Library Turnover Ceremony

In his statement, Ambassador Riley also stated that “one of the major challenges facing the FSM, and that all of the students of this school will be grappling with, is the sea change coming in 2023. This will involve major change, and needs fresh thinking and creativity. The United States is, and will remain fully committed to the FSM, and will be working with the FSM for a smooth transition as possible. But today’s students as well as parents need to be fully equipped from the educational standpoint to develop new ways of doing things, and to think inventively to develop new solutions to meet the forthcoming challenges in the interest of the common good.”